Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Rise above the ordinary

A 33 year old man was beaten, tortured and questioned by authorities about his acts and his kingdom, but even at the brink of his death, he was firm in his stand that “Truth is his Kingdom” and whoever believes in truth will be with him.  In addition to this, while he was tortured and questioned, he said without any hesitation that the ruler did not have any authority over him. Yes, even in the worst situation of life, he did not compromise and he proclaimed to the whole world that nobody has any authority over him…and as the result he was put to death… His death was the genisis of world’s largest religion “Christianity”.

Do we have that kind of authority on ourselves to uncompromise for the purpose and mission in life and live a greater life? Do we have the courage to stand for the cause and raise above the ordinary?


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