Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Imperfect Experimentation

Once I had been to an exhibition and there was a “Try on your own” section, in that section children can experiment by making pots using clay, small glass items using a blower and so on. In that section there were many children with lot of  curiosity and interest experimenting making pots, making glass items etc.,  with lot of fun and coming out with new designs. This also reminded me of the fact, that I used to complain (sometimes!!!) the food prepared by my wife, but at the same time … when I prepared food for myself, even though with lesser degree of quality compared to the quality of my wife’s preparation… it tasted better!. I realized that creating/experiment is one of the sources of happiness and satisfaction in spite of imperfect outcomes, which originates from our own experience and experiments. This imperfect experimentation is the source of innovation many times… Do the children, employees, managers, leaders and others have the same kind of freedom to experiment and innovate in thier environment to satisfy themselves and others?


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