Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

What does 1% of world’s population have?

Bob Proctor, a life sucess coach says that 1% of world’s population is holding 99% of worlds wealth, Without worrying about the accuracy of the data, looking around us makes one thing very clear, few people lead a mass in every field on this universe….which inclues spiritual, philanthrophy, technonology, organization etc., some leaders might have  been viewed as positive and some might have been negative….I do agree….let us keep this debate apart for a while !

Oh my sense says! Every leader has changed some thing in thier sphere of influence. The intriguing question is “Where and how does the change originates?” At the outset it seems that it could have been originated on its own, taught or adopted..but even then the question from where does the change originate? persists. To me it looks like the change originates within the individual, the more the focus is inwards within, the more deeper and bigger the change within and more clearer is the visualization..and the visualization results in creation…and this creation leads to a big change in this universe? A voice within me is askingwhat is the change you VISUALIZE which will result in a BIG change…?


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