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Impact the Lives positively by Actions

The scarcity of abundance ?!

India’s GDP is growing around 8% per year,  Real estate is soaring, the number of  people living in posch locality has increased, people work in high rise buildings of MNC’s…all these advancements are sign of prosperity and life style advancement. But…when I look around these life style advancements have created  more of competition, In most of the cases, severe competitions  creates envy, jealous and ultimately affects the health, spirit, soul and mind !!  Just talking to few people in a group…I could see the impact of competition and negative energy which is non stop!

Then I heard a very feeble noice, from the bottom of my heart, I hear the voice of abundance crying….”I create abundance to strengthen your health, spirit, soul and mind..but the more and more I create, you want more and more and more and more you neglect my sense of presence and look only outside and others !…..Will you at some point will listen to me?…I am crying from within you…to sense me?!”


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