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A priest crossed the boundary !

Accidently I landed in a priest biography website, a quick look at his biogrpahy raised few intriguing questions….At the age of 8, he lost his mother, and at the age of 20 he lost his father, brothers and sisters. Worked as a messenger in a restaurant…

He joined the clandestine seminary during german occupation, became archbishop of the town where he grew, he earned two doctorates, learnt 12 languages and he rose to becoming pope…the first non italian pope…A pope who travelled to 129 countries..and this pope visited chennai during his 27 years of service as a pope!…If you have guessed as John Paul II, you are right! the man was  born in small snowy country and became the pope!

A great devotion to his career is palpable from the above information, but more than this, what striked me is, the history note  that “he  was instrumental in ending communism in Poland! and there by ending communism in Europe!”… In addition to this, the pope maintained very good relations with other religions, said to have worked with more than 120 religious leaders ! What a priest is to do with politics or working with other religious leaders?! What could be his interest in politics?! Does he had the power to end communism or change politics? Leaving the question of “whether ending communism is good or bad”…Crossing the boundaries of religion, what was his goal?

What made him to cross the boundaries at each stage of his life…I dont know the reason…but I could see  a vision he had for world peace, a cause he found for his life…a cause much bigger than his life, a vision of influencing the whole world from the position whatever he had…a faith in whatever he did… making a bigger impact in human lives…a great sign of leadership.

How did  people like him find a way of managing lot of things and making a bigger impact? Sometimes I feel ashamed, that given  the facilities, am I complacent to cross the boundaries?! Am I standing for a cause in life ?! am I making use of the opportunities available for the cause of a great vision?


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