Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

A factory of love, anger, fight…of a human who creates….!

Recently I made a trip to Tokyo, When I reached the railway station it is midnight and the trains are almost full, many of the people are busy catching the last trains to thier destination and it is very usual to see the last trains running complete full in Tokyo. In my compartment also it was almost full, with out any intent, just I had a glance at the people, there were lot of young boys and girls couples hanging around each other as couples…some were having fun, some were sad of departing, some eyes were filled with full of love… at a single moment different emotions….a strange thought striked me…I also undergo various states of emotions, thoughts in  a single moment….some times the mind was thinking about the same topic…but the emotions and thoughts keeps changing moment to moment…about the same topic.  A great wonder…….. the emotions, thoughts keeps changing for the same topic moment to moment !! Can any moment can be repeated? Is it something static which surfaces or something created at every moment…and also I realized the moments of change or creation is irrespective of the state such as anger, love, fight, peace and so on……thinking further I am unable to comprehend the concept of change…for me it looks like it is creation every time…every moment…and it looks like this creation does not stop even for a moment under any circumstances and this creation does not understand whether it is positive or negative….but the creation happens at every moment of love, anger, fight, envy…..at all circumstances…

Two things which blows me away….

            If a  human keeps creating every moment…Is human a amazing non stop creative factory?

            If every moment of creation of the creative factory is directed to one focused positive act in life…I am unable to imagine the   impact…… in thier own’s life and to the universe…….!


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