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To whom do we listen

I was taught to listen to my teacher, my parents, spiritual guru, management gurus and leaders so on… and in due course of time it became a habit to listen to others.  Worse than this, I am sometimes completely driven by others, somebody said you have to improve this area, somebody said you have to sharpen the technical skills, somebody said you must become spiritually strong and I too run in a mad way in each direction every time….For a while I stopped and looked around, unbelievable… Everywhere there are plenty of materials books, articles, magazines, coaches, gurus…teaching others on what to do and what not do?…What to learn and what not to learn?….It may be enriching but sadly, It seems throughout my life, someone is teaching me to listen to them and others and suddenly I got a feeling that constantly someone is influencing me directly or indirectly on what I should do!

Oh men… Is there someone who teaches to listen to my own heart? Listen to my own conscious? Listen to myself……..?  Am I not born in this world to live a true living of myself where I will be able to listen to myself?


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