Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

What do we appreciate and whom do we appreciate?

A boy from a village had a great ambition of becoming a great chef, and successfully became the first educated chef from his family and from that small village. With very little guidance and inspiration from his professors he was able to join a five star continental hotel with lot of dreams. Being very authentic, he was self driven to create  new recipes. He had a great talent of creating recipes of great tastes. Though he had the talent of creating tasty recipes, he had challenges in communicating his tasty recipes, After lot of attempts and failureshe got some of his recipes tasted by his superiors, while the superiors appreciated, they were filled with their own busy activities.   Due to some reasons he had to handover the recipe research to someone and got elevated and moved to a different role. His journey continues….in due course he forgot the recipe and also the passion to create something great and the world also did not get a talented chef who can create great recipes.

 I am not sure if this sounds very familiar, most of the time the world notices and appreciates few great recipes and successes like ”Apple”, “HP”, “Microsoft”, “Nestle”, “Proctor and Gamble” and the world acknowledges those  recipes after becoming highly successful.

 What about people who had talents of creating great recipes and genuinely tried to create great recipes? It may the individual’s circumstances and person’s own will, etc., to make it successful……But “If we could have learnt the art of appreciating the genuine attempts of creating great recipes and encouraged the failures in the process of creating great recipes…Would the world might have more number of success stories than we have now? “

 “Should we appreciate only the successful chefs or people who genuinely attempt to make a difference in the world?.. If we had appreciated the people whom were really trying to great recipes, would the world might have more number of star performers?”

 What do we appreciate and whom do we appreciate………….among the colleagues, in the team and in the organization?


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