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What the world’s most powerful people have? Are they really “powerful or powerless”?

Going through the Forbes list of “Most powerful people in the world” surprises me by seeing some of the people in the list. Few names from the list are Obama, Bill Gates, Manmohan singh, Mark Zukerberg, Founders of Google (Sergey Brin and Larry page).  Many of us might know that these people started their career in a very humble way and one point of time they were financially, politically and resourcefully “powerless”. I am sure this will intrigue many of us what made these people very powerful, but beyond that…the more intriguing question to me is…. many of us might have started our career in a very similar fashion, but what made them so different from us?

When I/we started my career in a humble way, maybe it is because of the environment or maybe it is because of the opportunities we bounced with or it is because of the short term goals we had? Whatever may be, It seems that, when we were powerless we were not really bothered about being powerful instead, our actions were focused on some kind of creation, and it is a continuous flow of creation and this continuous flow of creation creates a great power, and without we even realize we become center of power in the known circle.

A point comes in my life, where I have reached a certain stage, of realizing the power that I have created around me and I (we) become obsessed to the so called power of some position in an organization, public life, government etc., and fell into the fallacy of protecting the power. At the very moment of protecting our power, the struggle starts within and “the continuous flow of creativity” suffers, which brings down the power that we have created so far…and for me it is a great struggle between protecting social identities and to allow the flow of creation in a natural way

Do the World’s most powerful people in the world have learnt the art of being powerless at the helm of their career and life and allow free flow of creation? (Or) Are they obsessed with the power that they have created?

Should I/we focus on being “powerless” and become a powerful creator (or) struggle with the fallacy of being powerful?


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