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Obsession to dream – Steve Jobs

Learning from Steve Jobs is always fascinating to me… I was going though some of his sayings in http://allaboutstevejobs.com/sayings/stevejobsquotes.php  which inspires me and probably many others also… to stand for something great. Two of his sayings which inspires me..

“We have an environment where excellence is really expected. What’s really great is to be open when [the work] is not great. My best contribution is not settling for anything but really good stuff, in all the details. That’s my job — to make sure everything is great.” Source: 1983, quoted in Steven Levy’s Eulogy | Tagged in: Management

“I’ve always thought it would be really wonderful to have a little box, a sort of slate that you could carry along with you” Source: Newsweek, fall 1984 | Tagged in: Prophecies.

While the former quote inspires to be something great, the second quote is amazing to note that he was talking about something like an iPad(slate) in 1984 even when the PC industry was not established strongly. From 1984 till 2010 for about 26 years, many of us might be knowing his successes and failures. What is amazing to me is that, after 26 years of his utterance about a slate kind of PC, He released  “iPad” in April 2010, something like a Slate!

What a great achievement?  I think his attitude of realizing his dream has to be soluted….What made him so strong to realize his dream in spite of all the challenges he had from his child hood…..? To me it looks like his “obsession to dream”  had taken him to this level of achievement and contribution…what do you think?


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