Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Obsession to ……….A leader’s choice ?!

There is no one called a perfect leader or a perfect follower! But some people get branded as great leaders and some people are great followers!  When I was going through the autobiography of Richard Branson……Richard Branson  created a 21 billion dollar company in 34 countries from the scratch, who was a poor student in academics…..Hhhhhh….How many times we can listen to similar stories…of great millionaires….plenty of books had been written….but the biggest grumble I have is  no one is able to give one success formula to achieve great success(some people give 7,8,9….100…1000)….but listening to my heart told me…they (Very highly successful people) are   “obsessive to their own views of taking a path”  ..Whatever it is… Is “this obsession to originality” is something they preserved like a treasure in the difficult times…at odd times…in being odd with their friends….?

My desire asks me “Are we obsessive to our originalitymost of our times to achieve greatness and leave a legacy or following others obsession most of the times as followers…? In a day ….I want to count how many times I am following my obsession to originality ………..?!


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