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The greatest gift…………. I seek from god…to save others!!

Oh my God! You have given me lot of wonderful things…great people, great facilities, wonderful opportunities, and most importantly you made me to born in the IT era and to work in an IT organization!!….so I am grateful..and to walk with gadgets….I am so pleased God…till I faced a bouncer question.What are your top 5 strengths and are you doing the right thing at the right place?. boooooommm….OOh god Why you did not give me the wisdom to understand my strength easily? or I did not seek it? Humbly I have to admit if I strongly retrospect I may have to change and lose lot of things to gain something else..!?

But I seek one thing from god…to give me the strength to refrain from guiding others without knowing their real strength!!!..Is it fair god?!


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One thought on “The greatest gift…………. I seek from god…to save others!!

  1. Niraj Arora on said:

    Hi Issac
    Great thoughts, well written para. We all make this same mistake —- Advising others without knowing our strenghts and their strenghts
    I am with you in this prayer
    Niraj Arora
    Nehru Place New Delhi

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