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The secret of great men….

Recently I was traveling to Japan and I met a Japanese leader who is passionate about developing leaders. According to him, Leadership is all about “Mind, Skills and Human Power“, Developing skills, minds we can find plethora of materials…but what about “Human Power”…For me the element of “Human Power” was little bit different. He was giving an example of one great personality “A” apologizing to another person “B” in real sense in a very quite atmosphere. It might be the good nature of “A” to apologize, but unless the other person “B” has a superior power, it is very unlikely for another person to apologize. I hope some of you are acknowledging and nodding to this phenomenon…!

I think some of us might have experienced just being present in person, sometimes have helped to solved a bigger challenge/solve a big issue which were taking huge time earlier. Peter Senge talks about the success phenomenon of  “Presence” in his book “Presence”, for me it seems to something “Presence +”

What is this? What kind of power is this? Is it Human Power or godly power ? Can we develop this power..or it is gifted? How to develop or strengthen this human power…? Or have we forget the power we have…?!….I think we need to awake to use this strange “Human power”………..    


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2 thoughts on “The secret of great men….

  1. Nagappan-PL on said:

    Good one Isac. Even I have experienced the Human Power that you have mentioned here in a number of situations. In my understanding that comes from a mixture basic personality, command over the subject of discussion etc…

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