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Courage to use your free time…?!

I have seen people waking up straight for the lunch on Saturdays and Sundays…! Nothing to blame about them…But it intrigues me for such kind of behaviour … Is it the attitude of taking rest or relaxing on a week end…?!…I am sure many people might have enough time and rest even during week days! then…….. why !?….Is it a pattern even exhibited even during normal days and times and become obvious when it is let out ?! or Is it the fear of some thing which does not allow us to use our time? Or Is it not having courage to use the free time effectively ?!..


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3 thoughts on “Courage to use your free time…?!

  1. Hi Isac,

    I have not seen but have being the person to wake for lunch on Sat/Sun. However, I feel your list of possible reasons does not cover all possible reasons (at least it doesn’t cover mine.)

    Allow me to give few more reasons for consideration :

    1. Does it have to do with body/mind clock of the person that enables effective concentration at night/late night/early morning/afternoon. Every person is different and experience difference body/mind clock. Your’s may not match others, does this make you more / less effective than them?

    2. Does the person take the liberty on weekends to upgrade his/her learning by Reading/Researching/Experimenting something much more courageous which would not have been possible during his/her staple weekly schedule?

    3. Does the nature of the job / schedule require the person to calibrate his/her weekly schedule to consciously alter his body clock? As you know, the BPO industry in India operates at times unheard of earlier.

    There could be so many other possibilities, so I do not think by just “waking for lunch” can be termed as the single most prominent reason to think of people as lazy, coward, or with no sense/purpose in life. What do you think?


  2. Hi Manish, Many Thanks for your comments, I agree with your views also!

  3. Madhav on said:

    The only resource which all of us have in common is time (the greatest common denominator), leaders know how to increase the time available to them and also how to effectively use the time they have

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