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What Apple does well…?…by Steve jobs


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2 thoughts on “What Apple does well…?…by Steve jobs

  1. Hi Isac-san. How r u? Hope u remember me. I worked with on KMMG-KIM project. I have heard ppl say that employees working at Apple aren’t even allowed to tell about their work to co-workers. In fact ppl at the lower level working on smaller chunks of code dont even know whether their code goes into iMacs or iPhone or iPod or whatever. One thing which I feel Apple has mastered is the marketing. Definitely marketing is something which HAS to be learnt from Apple. Be it marketing their ideas or products or making the consumer align to their road map. Here also I see Jobs is marketing Apple’s work atmosphere. I dont think any company the size of Apple will have Directors or SVPs or CXO reporting directly to the CEO to just nod for whatever the CEO says. It is not something uniquely practiced only at Apple. But the way Jobs paints it like a new picture, that is marketing which has to be learnt.

    • Hi Anand,
      Good to get connected after a long time, every company has a strategy, the point I like is, “every division works like a start up”… so that the innovation naturally comes out…of course there will be pros and cons in every act we do….
      thanks a lot for your comments..

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