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The remarkable life…inspiration from Robin Sharma’s video

I was going through one of Robin Sharma’s video “How to build a world-class company in these volatile times” in http://theremarkableentrepreneur.com/ and the first point he was discussing on “Why Entrepreneurs fail?”……” is vague plans lead to vague results” and he suggests on creating a 24 months plan…..

this reminded me…when we were children, my parents and others used to ask …what do you want to become?….a doctor? an engineer?….etc., and most of us might have become what we wanted to become….after becoming an engineer or a doctor? the people who were asking me the questions…stopped asking this question…..and ….I also forgot to ask this question………?!

after becoming an engineer,after becoming more matured, getting busy in every day transactions…and..when we are lost in these transactions….every now and then…a sword “what do you want to become/accomplish” in next few years?  cuts the illusion of life… cuts the fear, cutstoday’s complacency, cuts mediocrity…………….if there is courage to carry this sword..and I believe this sword brings life to the “goals of life..” and the freedom of life…!



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