Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Leadership trait of dominance dominates fear, when we are still under the control of fear

Sometimes we could have come across a situation, where we could have stood up and could have said loudly this is the way it should have been done or this is what I should have done or this is the path I wanted to take or this is what I like, but something resists us……there may be many reasons..if we dig the reasons further…we can find the reason is fear…Many of us might have experienced this kind of fear…in due course we might accept this as normal or fate or nothing can be done…but few are successful.

I always wonder why only few people highly successful, the number of personalities/business that are dominant are countable in number. I think the reason could be..one of the leadership traits “dominance”…dominance is an act of courage and taking charge of a situation, sometimes we are afraid of taking a step and it might be trembling to take control of situation…because we are under the control of fear. The power within us is unleashed when the dominance dominates fear than the trembling that fear creates.….and in that moment leadership and leaders triumphs…even under the fearful circumstances.


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