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Leadership trait of High Energy — from where it comes and how it unleashes energy to achieve success?!

One of the Leadership traits is High Energy which has been reported in various researches. High Energy helps to have more endurance, play a longer game than others, no give up attitude, not frightened from the failure and maintain a balanced equation with others. I always wonder does High Energy make the person as Leader (or) Leader has high energy…


When high energy is there it changes the atmosphere around us and it continues to impact positively, stops gossiping and all these things are within our hands of putting first things first as Stephen Covey says.  It raises the curiosity of what are the sources and how to maintain high energy…?!

High energy sources :

1. Physical Health – Balanced diet and work outs in the morning

2. Positive attitude – Reinforcing positive attitude – Saying to ourselves that we need to be positive

3. Emotional Intelligence – Check the emotional balance in challenging times

Just check yourself if any of the above is available in plenty within you, and your answer will be yes! And after getting yes…wake up and wake others… to have the high energy…!

Your comments are welcome (positive or negative)…to sharpen….to increase the high energy !!


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