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Meeting efficiency…cultivating common aspirations.. Leadership Responsibility

I was listening to the audio conversation of Daniel Goleman author of “Emotional Intelligence” and Peter Senge author of “The Fifth Discipline”..a great conversation on the topic “The Presence”.  In the conversation, both were discussing that “Most of the meetings are not effective and efficient” because of the lack of common aspiration. Participants feel that boss has already decided what to say and for them there is nothing to say!..

Many times the focus in on individual efficiency…rather than group intelligence..!. which leads to inefficiency through out the project. However. Where ever we find leaders taking responsibility ..we find group Intelligence flourishing and a great amount of energy flowing which helps us to over come challenges…and achieve success. I am sure many of your might have similar experience..and certainly this is one classical example of leadership…of getting the best from the team..! Do you tend to agree on this?!


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