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Is goal setting good ?

Sometimes setting goals in life helps us to move forward? in other words it gives us daily inspiration, help us to achieve better, work harder…however once we have achieved the goal…

How do we wake up with the same passion? How do we inspire ourselves even after achieving the goals? How do we further deepen the relationships?



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2 thoughts on “Is goal setting good ?

  1. Anupam on said:

    Goal setting is definitely a thinking towards one’s future, and is yard stick only to measure what one wants to achieve has been achieved or not. Whereas goal setting is not a one time exercise rather it is a plan to be revisited on a frequency depending upon the period in which goal has to be achieved. More you revisit more firm it will be and your thought process will be aligned to it.
    Secondly your goal list should never be empty, if it is so, you have given up the race.

    Best said is, Define goal, set frequency of revisit, define the process; now “Loosen the goal and tighten the process”, and you will achieve better than defined goal.

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