Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Leadership trait …Openness to experience.. A key success factor

Apple’s App store is a platform, where apple mobile developers, Apple Inc, buyers are integrated in one platform which opened new possibility for developers and hence  iPhone developers multiplied and because of which users are able to experience variety of applications and experience new music conveniently, because of which developers and Apple made huge money.  This is a classical success story of new eco system and new experience.  Fundamentally human beings long for new experience all the time, new flavors all the time, new models…etc.,

Leaders are aware about this…and they are fully aware that… “To create a new experience, they must be open to new experience..!”…Open to new experience is nothing but being creative and taking RISKS, and these leaders irrespective of success and failure, they redefine the world in many ways!


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