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The story of “Responsibility”

The meeting was happening in late hours, It was about one of the complex projects which was getting executed with great constraints and now in a crisis situation. In the midst of all the challenges the PM suddenly left the project and there is no one to own the project !  The next PM has to be chosen, but every one in the meeting knows that it is a challenging project and everyone knew that the company had taken a huger risk keeping the long term benefit in the mind and the probability of failure is more than the probability of success…! If the project succeeds there is a bright future..but if it fails….! There was an uncomfortable silence…but consciousness was active..

the consciousness asked..if you cannot take responsibility who will take…! the responsibility was beaten and put to silence…

the consciousness asked.. if you take and succeed and you might grow significantly in the organization, but even at that point of time the responsibility was beaten and put to silence..

the consciousness asked..there are so many families depend on the success of this project..but again..responsibility was beaten and put to silence…

as a last attempt..

the consciousness asked..how many times you will kill me by your own imaginative fear ?!…at that time one fragile person raised ..and said I will take responsibility in this crisis situation.. for the benefit of all stakeholders!

The consciousness and Responsibility smiled…for getting a chance to live..!


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One thought on “The story of “Responsibility”

  1. Arvind on said:

    Good read. Unfortunately, the consciousness and Responsibiliy are being killed more often now…

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