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Leadership lesson from “Alexander the great”

This story was told in a church about leadership, Alexander and his troops were passing through a desert, and Alexander was thirsty, the soldiers searched for water and found a very small quantity of water and they brought the small quantity of water in a helmet and it was brought to Alexander, Alexander was overly joyed and was about to drink…and then he asked…. Is water available for everyone? then the troops said, no master, it is available only for you…! Instead of drinking the water..he poured the water down…and said if there is no water for you, I will not drink. That moment the troops are overly joyed…..the leader is one who cares, who is with us in difficult times, who undergoes the pain that the team undergoes…the leader is one who really understands..!


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3 thoughts on “Leadership lesson from “Alexander the great”

  1. Chinmoy on said:

    Good snippet Isac, thanks for sharing! The essence is very well understood by many leaders in today’s world but very FEW have the courage to be with their teams during difficult times, sometimes the captain is the first one to abandon a sinking ship.

  2. Yes, a man after my own heart… to imagine that situation… Wow! tomas ☼

  3. My dear friend I have nominated you for The Best Moment Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link: transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/the-best-moment-award-3/

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