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Even when we want to change ourselves..!

Fear isn’t what holds us back; habit is. Even when we desperately want change“…this is from the blog of Stever Robbins…

I tend to agree,  when I want to break the cycle, I get trapped in the same thing that I do…which seems to be leading to  mediocre life…I am sure many of us do not want this mediocre life…but the best… but how?

What are the things which can break the normal mediocre life.. the following is the short list comes to my mind…can you help me to find out more?

  • Motivation from with in
  • …….
  • ……
  • ……
  • …..?!

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2 thoughts on “Even when we want to change ourselves..!

  1. Cathy Laws on said:

    There’s an article in Psychology Today talking about this…….to change a habit you must change the frame….for example, instead of not eating sweets, clear them out of the house. Instead of saying “I cant” say “I won’t” it’s all in perspective 🙂

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