Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

The birth and death of culture – Leadership trait in every one..

  “We have to win this deal and make this grow to a big one”…when the person leading is focusing on this goal, the whole team somehow gets aligned to this goal knowingly or unknowingly…and the whole system works in harmony.. When the whole is in harmony…we say it is a culture…

but this leadership trait of creating a culture subtly exists in personal lives…when a person has a goal “Handle every problem with compassion”.. we can see a pattern in that person and with the associated circle…

For me it looks like it is person dependant.. and there are thousands for culture gets created and passes way…but some culture continues to exist..when we have enduring principles and which are transformed to enduring goals…and the choice is with us to leave behind us an enduring culture as a leader…which everyone can do..!


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