Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

The commonalities of a “Leader”…and “An Actor”

“An Actor prepares” by Constantin Stanislavski…It is a book referred by one of my friends, even though it was written long back about “Acting”, many of the conversations in the book is making an impact on me on leadership…

In one instance, an actor prepares for the whole night in front of a mirror…and after acting on the next day…the director maked the following comment to the actor..”While you were working with mirror, what interested you was not so much your exterior, your general apperance, your gestures, but principally the way in which you externalized your inner sensation:…”

The above comment had hit me so badly…for the simple reason I thought…”A leader externalizes his/her inner sensation for the cause of so many people around us”…..!?


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