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Trying to change the past is pointless” – Nancy Zapolski. I was listening to one of the audio’s of Nancy Zapolski while driving the car today. Today  It hit on my head like anything…Men I was trying to look the mistakes I made in the past (such as I did not complete a task on time with quality)…. and trying to cover myself, change myself and show myself as if whatever I did was correct…and in the process I was making others wrong…the whole process continues….

In the whole process…I have lost time for learning..having a great relationship, having fun, being authentic, being carefree, the whole energy is gone, health gone……what for????…..Oh God… What is this design of human beings…. to get stuck in the past and carry the past all along in the future ?!…How long this pointless game is to continue !?

“Trying to change the past is pointless”…just at that moment when I was present to past is meaningless…past vanishes right away in front of my eyes…and the whole burden on myself is gone…. and my power got restored, and I have become light…so what…?! Power is restored within myself and I am left with whole new set of possibilities ……………!!!


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