Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Wanted to create a new future..but created past !!

I just wanted a new future for myself and for the people around me…

I was thinking… I am creating a new future…atleast in my heads.!!


every aspect of my new future … I want to become like this, like that, like someone….like this big, like that small……everything I created…is based on my (past) experience, people with whom I am associated (past), a role model (past learning)… ..just listed down…everything I created is based on my past….


My future is only a copy of my past !!…

the sad part is … I was not realizing how much the past is constraining my future moment by moment…

Consider…if I and you can delink the past and the future…and what will be left in future..?!!!

One thing I am clear, the past will not put constraints… that is leading new level of performance…

If  you would like to know more… here is an opportunity…




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