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the journey of my fear

My hands sweat, heart beat goes up like anything , head aches ……………….it happens when I stand before the audience to talk …years ago…this happens after long hours of preparation, and sleepless night……this is not about my language, not about my knowledge, but it is fear inside me to stand and talk before the crowd…. after giving the speech…I used to doubt myself, whether the message reached the audience….then when I started saying “hello to my fear within me” … then the preparation time went down drastically !! , started speaking with more freedom….

even then.. I was always wondering.. how I can make people more interactive when I talk…? …till i started to say “hello to my fear of people asking questions” when I talk…

even then…I was wondering …whatever I am talking..is it touching the people and making a difference  to people when  I talk ? …till I got trained to say “hello to the fear of listening to the people’s  opinion about me and my talk”  ..

even then.. I was wondering.. am I communicating to a large crowd…till I got trained to discover..my past is constraining to say “hello to large crowd”


where is my fear..? it is still there?…yes of course it comes with me…as I said many hello to my fear…it has become a companion!!


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One thought on “the journey of my fear

  1. Madhava Venkatesh on said:

    Great Isac

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