Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

About…Isac Newton A


A person with a dream of leaving a legacy and with a personal mission – “Impact the lives positively by Actions” driven by my values for which I want to stand for…. in my life…

1. Contribution to the society

2. Realization

3. Innovation

My description of these values

1. Contribution to the society:  When I hear (or many of us hear) the word contribution it immediately brings the image of helping others, donation, charity etc., The word Contribution has become so synonymous of getting associated with the society..But what is the real source of contribution and what about the source of contribution? In simple terms…are not our  own actions creates ripples of reactions and influences without really making an attempt to really influence others? how many times it might have influence negatively others?! (just imagine the % of the positive thoughts and the % of negative thoughts we might have dwelved with in one single day)  Where the real contribution should start? In my view  Contribution to thyself …leads to contribution to the society. In my child hood days, one of the boards kept by my father in my home had struck deeply in to me ….  “When you are not comfortable with yourselves, you will not be comfortable with others”.  It took ages for me to realize these words!  How many times, my emotions have hurted others and gone as a chain reaction affecting others in both postive and negative ways? The starting of Contribution need not be always helping poor, donating, etc., rather it should start within ourselves for ourselves in all dimensions of life…so that the contribution to society radiates to others with the slightest of our efforts !?

2. Realization: How many of us do know what potential we have? Most of the time we need some one’s help to identify our potential. In our life journey how many times we have dared to raise the bar for ourselves to stretch ourselves or for others? What it prevents to raise the bar? Is it the fear of failure or what is Success? In my view the real success should be measured the amount of failures in achieving targets..or if we dont fail how do we realize our potential?

3. Innovation: Innovation has become a buzz word…and I do agree that innovation is required to keep the life’s momentum and to achieve the above two core values… but the innovation I mention is about the simple choices to avoid traffic…we can choose timings of travel for our regular activities, make choices which will help to bring down our cribs!!…and these are concious choices that we make in life that are real innovations rather than spending huge effort in finding out few brilliant admirable ideas…!  Concious better choices are required on a regular day to day basis to keep the momentum of life which are real innovations that will help to contibute to self, soceity and realize the potential of self and others!


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