Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions


English to Build Confidence 

When I saw a daily wages illiterate worker sending his son to English school in a rural place…I sincerely admired his dream and desire to change lives of his family by taking a big step …at the same time…a flash of thought..it is going to take another 15 to 20 years to see the fruits of his effort and see his son settling down somewhere in a better way…….

It is a good feeling for me…to admire him…and most importantly there is a longing feeling within me to do something about this..the least I have done…I have started talking about this to few people…and most of the people whomever I have spoken is ready to support this social cause…this is great demonstration of leadership within every one…to stand for a cause…

and by piloting and also by talking to few people, I think there is scope and also I am confident that we can  help the rural children to improve their confidence level by improving their English language skills…which can help them to challenge the current status and shine in their life…Hope many of us can contribute to improve their confidence by improving their English skills ….

If any of you can contribute by any means… this can become a momentum…….the journey continues…



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