Leadership Positive

Impact the Lives positively by Actions

Luv Books

1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

 I love the Stephen’s way of explaining the 4 dimensions of life – Body, Spirit, Mind and Soul .  Body needs to be nourished  regulary so that we are capable of leading independent healthy life, Spiritual strength is required to take care of our attitudes towards the ups and downs of life, Mind  – Mind renovation is required to grow our mental garden to keep ourselves updated and become knowledeable, Soul– the social dimension, where the human gregarion aspect need to be taken care. One of the best books I have read and listened to this book many times. The 7 Habits leading to self (personal) victory and public victory is explained in an elegant way.

2. The Essesntial Laws of fearless living – Guy Finley

A book which requires patience, patience…but a very deep insighted book, this book teaches us from liberating ourselves from the daily pains of the social eco system, gives the different perspective of life, the quotes in a very powerful way….”Real success is a creative state of being that comes with consciousness relationship with an intelligence that never fears because it never fails to achieve its ends – inspite of changing conditions”.  After reading this book, almost every day I listen to his speech….but the challenge is I need to listen many times to understand…despite that I luv the intelligence..the paradoxical thinking…removing the social mask…teaches us about Imitation Life syndrome !…. WOW…I listen to this almost on a daily basis..


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