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How you and I are NOT different !!!

                My life is full of ups and downs with difference between loved ones in the family , neighbors, and so on .. and I race a life for my own … to add something to what I already have… more money, bigger title, bigger house , more security…may be there could be some exceptions in a day for me .. and more exceptions for others … by and large is there anything significantly different?..at the end life is all about ILS ( imitation life syndrome as said by Guy Finley ) , is it going to change dramatically?!

                What will make me to go beyond myself and invert the above ? …..the only thing I can think of is that … having all the above and rise above and do something beyond ourselves to others …

                The process of creating a new future — what we want in life ?

                “Declaration” is the process of creating a new future…!!.. the following is the gist of the research article and from one of the top executives languages in the world.

                How to make a declaration ? …. Declaration is through “language”. Our words are very powerful…but we are unconscious about the words we speak, however by conscious words of our spoken language, we can create the future… Put down in a paper the future we want to live in words  and every day morning read out the words loudly with consciousness about the future we want to create…by reading the words on a daily basis, the language we speak shapes the brain and allows us to take new actions…and new actions produce new results !!

                to summarize: 3 steps to create the future we want in our life ..!

                Think about the future we want to live –> write down in a piece of paper –> Read the words on a daily basis consciously.


                Research articles and videos:


                Video 2 – The Private Habits of Game-Changers






                Your own creation…!

                “There are certain things you can only know by creating them for yourself.”…..Werner Erhard

                Living an expanded life…my life is not the same…

                Since then the genesis of “Rising Champions” my life is not the same…met so many people, got to know the world,  got to know the immense potential people has….In the past one year my life is ever expanding starting  a not for profit organization, becoming an introduction leader and taking a stand for other people…just that it is an ever expanding life…looking back…one of my dream and value of contributing to the society is getting fulfilled…Landmark education is one of the primary catalyst to realize my dream, and my friends and colleagues…who are supporters, listeners and observers…

                Some of you may want to contribute to Rising Champions in some way…you can introduce an organization, you can execute the plan of supporting the students, you can be brand ambassador, you can be a coach….and your life can expand like anything. You are invited to contribute in someway you like…

                Life is ever expanding…

                Peak performance through freedom

                As a manager I used to think, I need to give more freedom to my colleagues to take their own decisions? But can I give freedom to others ?

                May be yes ….if Iam being of person of having freedom, I realised having freedom creates more space and power within my selves and with others…!!

                You can imagine the impact on performance within organisation and in personal life..

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