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Connected cars & connected devices

IoT( Internet of things) technology adoption is growing very fast .. where in we can connect all things , collect data and analyze and utilize for human beings .. ..,

What is the technology available like IoT where people are really connected , crossing boundaries of so many differences like religion, wealth, language, country etc., etc., and create a harmonious world ? 


Heroes – source of performance

“Heroes are ordinary men and women who dare to see and meet the call of a possibility bigger than themselves. Breakthroughs are created by such heroes, by men and women who will stand for the result while it is only a possibility – people who will act to make possibility real.”

  • Werner Erhard

Just being there….! a source of performance

Just being there, when the problem happens, grounded in that situation…as normal as I was…I was just being there…things which were not moving for more than a year…just started moving…because I am there…I don’t know what difference I made… but I realized…my presence…being there…being in my own nature…when things are not good… made all the difference. I am present to my own mysterious life…I don’t know why certain things happened so easily…just being there…I realized…is a source of performance…

Seek to understand than to be understood….Easier said..

On my business visit to Japan… I got an experience of  how much philosophy I learnt on “Seek to  understand others”… is not helping me to realizing the ground situation… but learning this knowledge has not made any difference in my life… I am not belittling some knowledge…but the learning from experience impacts a lot….

Example: I am in Japan customer site..While I am at customer site….just that I am connected to so many dots… what customer is expecting… but why not the understanding from India.?

Am I so obsessed with myself?..this is question I am left with?

Creating Power and Being powerful !!…new source of performance…

Trying to change the past is pointless” – Nancy Zapolski. I was listening to one of the audio’s of Nancy Zapolski while driving the car today. Today  It hit on my head like anything…Men I was trying to look the mistakes I made in the past (such as I did not complete a task on time with quality)…. and trying to cover myself, change myself and show myself as if whatever I did was correct…and in the process I was making others wrong…the whole process continues….

In the whole process…I have lost time for learning..having a great relationship, having fun, being authentic, being carefree, the whole energy is gone, health gone……what for????…..Oh God… What is this design of human beings…. to get stuck in the past and carry the past all along in the future ?!…How long this pointless game is to continue !?

“Trying to change the past is pointless”…just at that moment when I was present to past is meaningless…past vanishes right away in front of my eyes…and the whole burden on myself is gone…. and my power got restored, and I have become light…so what…?! Power is restored within myself and I am left with whole new set of possibilities ……………!!!

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