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Transformative learning ….Its impact on personal and professional life …

What is Transformative Learning ?

“. . . an individual becomes aware of holding a limiting or distorted view. If the individual critically examines this view, opens herself to alternatives, and consequently changes the way she sees things, she has transformed some part of how she makes meaning out of the world. ”  (Reference: http://www.uco.edu/academic-affairs/cettl/tlguidefiles/2012-03-tl.pdf )

This idea of a fundamental change in perspective or frame of reference  is at the heart of transformative learning. When someone undergoes such a change,  the way a person deals a certain aspect of life such as in relationship, money, leading a team, managing, etc., undergoes a drastic change…which allows the person to produce different kinds of results…

For example, I was having a view about myself as “I am not smart in solving complex problems” , as long as I was having this view, I always tend to work very hard, which had a huge impact on my performance of solving the problems…..when I discovered that it is only a limiting view I am holding about myself …and dropped the limiting view of I am not smart…. new possibilities emerged….

the challenges is in discovery of the limiting view that we are holding and dropping the limiting view…!





Just being there….! a source of performance

Just being there, when the problem happens, grounded in that situation…as normal as I was…I was just being there…things which were not moving for more than a year…just started moving…because I am there…I don’t know what difference I made… but I realized…my presence…being there…being in my own nature…when things are not good… made all the difference. I am present to my own mysterious life…I don’t know why certain things happened so easily…just being there…I realized…is a source of performance…

Your own creation…!

“There are certain things you can only know by creating them for yourself.”…..Werner Erhard

Integrity, Morality and Ethics, Defined

Integrity: A state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, in perfect condition.

Morality: In a given society, in a given era of that society, morality is the generally-accepted standards of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct, and what is considered by that society as good or bad behavior of a person, group or entity.

M C Jensen

Ethics: In a given group, ethics is the agreed upon standards, of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct; of what is considered by that group as good and bad behavior of a person, group or entity that is a member of the group, and may include defined bases for discipline, including exclusion.


Most people wait for the decisive moment,

Most people wait for the decisive moment, whereas people of power are decisive in the moment. – Werner Erhard

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