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Opportunity to express yourselves !!

Life skills trainers wanted ….if you know someone..please connect…tapping the missed opportunities

Imparting life skills in villages and empowering them to lead their life more powerfully and with more freedom….some of you and me might have had thoughts to make to difference to the people living in the places from where we have come, many of might still be connected with villages, wanting to do something for the people living there, but could not do much about it…

to realize the dreams of many people, we are planning to create a platform  which will help , ‘to impart life skills, professional skills and support to create employment opportunities through local business’ …


Seek to understand than to be understood….Easier said..

On my business visit to Japan… I got an experience of  how much philosophy I learnt on “Seek to  understand others”… is not helping me to realizing the ground situation… but learning this knowledge has not made any difference in my life… I am not belittling some knowledge…but the learning from experience impacts a lot….

Example: I am in Japan customer site..While I am at customer site….just that I am connected to so many dots… what customer is expecting… but why not the understanding from India.?

Am I so obsessed with myself?..this is question I am left with?

Integrity, Morality and Ethics, Defined

Integrity: A state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, in perfect condition.

Morality: In a given society, in a given era of that society, morality is the generally-accepted standards of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct, and what is considered by that society as good or bad behavior of a person, group or entity.

M C Jensen

Ethics: In a given group, ethics is the agreed upon standards, of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct; of what is considered by that group as good and bad behavior of a person, group or entity that is a member of the group, and may include defined bases for discipline, including exclusion.


Living an expanded life…my life is not the same…

Since then the genesis of “Rising Champions” my life is not the same…met so many people, got to know the world,  got to know the immense potential people has….In the past one year my life is ever expanding starting  a not for profit organization, becoming an introduction leader and taking a stand for other people…just that it is an ever expanding life…looking back…one of my dream and value of contributing to the society is getting fulfilled…Landmark education is one of the primary catalyst to realize my dream, and my friends and colleagues…who are supporters, listeners and observers…

Some of you may want to contribute to Rising Champions in some way…you can introduce an organization, you can execute the plan of supporting the students, you can be brand ambassador, you can be a coach….and your life can expand like anything. You are invited to contribute in someway you like…

Life is ever expanding…

The rising of “Rising Champions”

Recently “Rising Champions”  a not for profit organization members visited a boxing coach in Villivakkam coaching around 70 students mostly economically underprivileged and surprisingly many of them are state level medal winners, an awesome experience of discipline and achievement..! .

Yesterday, 02Jun2015, is the day of “Rising Champions” …the registration process got formally completed. We the founders of “Rising Champions” are really proud to make a difference in supporting the students in realizing their sports dreams and contribute to the nation.

Behind this first step there are so many great souls who are our source of inspiration. Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who are committed to expand our life and others life.

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