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Seek to understand than to be understood….Easier said..

On my business visit to Japan… I got an experience of  how much philosophy I learnt on “Seek to  understand others”… is not helping me to realizing the ground situation… but learning this knowledge has not made any difference in my life… I am not belittling some knowledge…but the learning from experience impacts a lot….

Example: I am in Japan customer site..While I am at customer site….just that I am connected to so many dots… what customer is expecting… but why not the understanding from India.?

Am I so obsessed with myself?..this is question I am left with?


Get Enough…of what you want…!

writer Eric Hoffer said, “You can never get enough of what you do not really want.”

Your own creation…!

“There are certain things you can only know by creating them for yourself.”…..Werner Erhard

The rising of “Rising Champions”

Recently “Rising Champions”  a not for profit organization members visited a boxing coach in Villivakkam coaching around 70 students mostly economically underprivileged and surprisingly many of them are state level medal winners, an awesome experience of discipline and achievement..! .

Yesterday, 02Jun2015, is the day of “Rising Champions” …the registration process got formally completed. We the founders of “Rising Champions” are really proud to make a difference in supporting the students in realizing their sports dreams and contribute to the nation.

Behind this first step there are so many great souls who are our source of inspiration. Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who are committed to expand our life and others life.

Access to Make Money…..

A interesting video on relationship with money….

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