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Living an expanded life…my life is not the same…

Since then the genesis of “Rising Champions” my life is not the same…met so many people, got to know the world,  got to know the immense potential people has….In the past one year my life is ever expanding starting  a not for profit organization, becoming an introduction leader and taking a stand for other people…just that it is an ever expanding life…looking back…one of my dream and value of contributing to the society is getting fulfilled…Landmark education is one of the primary catalyst to realize my dream, and my friends and colleagues…who are supporters, listeners and observers…

Some of you may want to contribute to Rising Champions in some way…you can introduce an organization, you can execute the plan of supporting the students, you can be brand ambassador, you can be a coach….and your life can expand like anything. You are invited to contribute in someway you like…

Life is ever expanding…


Apple keeps expanding the ecosystem

Since the great come back of iPod, Apple keeps silently builds eco system and that eco system is never easy to catch by rivals…the eco system for iPod is Apple store….What is the eco system for iPhone6….?….Is it Apple watch ?

What ecosystem we build for ourselves?…matters a lot !!


Interesting article on rich people !

Just I was curious to find, are most of the rich people are inherited ?

Like many…I am curious and wondering why few people become so rich..?

one of the below articles regarding american rich people ….

80% of the american are 1st generation …!



Leadership lessons from GOOD TO GREAT

Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” has researched about outstanding companies., the CEO of some companies are not well known to this world, and some of them are shy and humble…but they are focused to their goals. The characterization of some of the CEOs

Being humble & focus ..has shattered the obstacles..!

Being shy has not deterred them…..

Like a flywheel. They were consistently working…

As a hedgehog they were able to protect themselves..



All the above just inspires us to become great leaders..!

Making Trade Off — Integral part of STRATEGY

Michael E Porter, the guru for strategy…details the second principle of Strategy.. “Making Trade off”…as an integral part of strategy to gain a sustainable advantage over competition.. there are lot of case studies on how organizations made trade off on volume or high price etc., to gain sustainable advantage..

What about “Making Trade Off” in personal lives… I think this is a key integral part of our life, In our short journey in this world, many of us tend to achieve the same thing what others have achieved, we would like to have what ever is in front of us…Is it leading to something exceptional life? When we look at great leaders…we ourselves can find they made “big trade offs” to leave a legacy and be different.!

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