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The rising of “Rising Champions”

Recently “Rising Champions”  a not for profit organization members visited a boxing coach in Villivakkam coaching around 70 students mostly economically underprivileged and surprisingly many of them are state level medal winners, an awesome experience of discipline and achievement..! .

Yesterday, 02Jun2015, is the day of “Rising Champions” …the registration process got formally completed. We the founders of “Rising Champions” are really proud to make a difference in supporting the students in realizing their sports dreams and contribute to the nation.

Behind this first step there are so many great souls who are our source of inspiration. Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who are committed to expand our life and others life.


the biggest challenge I ever faced

the biggest challenge I ever faced..is confronting myself, confronting the view of myself, and to be authentic about myself…and this is the discovery I made from Landmark forum…

Yes…when I confronted…It was a struggle…and the struggle led to freedom…!

Two steps to achieve great things…!

Setting great goals and managing fear !

I will impact more positively in 2014..Happy New year

Looking back with gratitude, I need to acknowledge that

  • I have become stronger to face challenges,
  • I have gained more knowledge to strategize,
  • I have been able to be an inspiration to someone,
  • I have been able to be of some help to someone…
  • I have been impacting positively to the known and unknown…
  • …..I have become more courageous to take challenges and risks

All of the above is because of the challenges, opportunities, inspirations, and help, blessings which I have received in the last year and of course some of you were part of my journey…

With one more year ahead, I will endeavor my level best to impact more positively in 2014 with your support.

May you be blessed abundantly in the year 2014. Happy New year.

Weak Leadership realizes…!

I like the way Stephen Covey compacts the four dimensions of life…”The body, The Mind, The Spirit (Spiritual strength) & The Social (Social aspects. Family & Friends)”…His theory is that we need to nourish all the four dimensions…for our growth in all dimensions ! .. I do agree..


Imagine…a situation…a challenging situation…and we lose balance in any one of the dimension…

Unfortunately all the four dimensions…gets affected…and our own image gets tainted…which takes a long time to realize…! that our own image is tainted…!


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