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Allowing uncomfortable things to flow …leadership !!

What makes the leadership shine ?

Some of us might come cross situations, that we demand  or let go certain things happen in a way that we want … in spite of knowing that it is not the right decision but we want it !! (For so many reasons, it could be for satisfying someone, because of our ego, it could be our own fear that we want to limit us and so on….) and afterwards we regret internally…and this is some thing leaders truly differentiate themselves…

Leaders just do uncomfortable things (overcoming their own ego, uncompromising with others, respecting others and so on…) but things which matter to the situation and it is right !!


what if …!? I am OK and you are OK

It is a question that keeps coming very often…the other person is not able to understand whatever the efforts I make to understand….and all my efforts go in vain…what to do !?…

What if ..if the other person is not understanding or not making efforts willfully/not willfully ..but not with an intention to hurt you…but with an intention of doing right things in their own way…

what do we call that …?! I am OK and you are OK…!!


Two steps to achieve great things…!

Setting great goals and managing fear !

Pitfalls of setting goals!

In the gym, I started my work out by setting a goal burning 100KCal in Treadmill, while I was near to  the goal of 100KCal, I started realizing my speed of running has reduced unconsciously. When we can do more, and we set lower goals to ourselves, It tends to limit us, The challenge is setting a realistic stretched goal, which motivates us to do more and not to set an easy goal which limits our ability to achieve more than we can do!

Humans invented and reinvented communities….what is the real growth?!

Today I was attending the Annual day function of my son… the theme was evolution of culture…they depicted after the stone age people started settling near rivers and during that time people started developing/forming communities and also started electing leaders…after millions of years…Humans reinvented communities….boom…through social networking sites…!

What is the real change and growth in community living?!

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