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Invitation to lead a powerful life…for an executive’s unfulfilled dream

One young executive did his schooling in a small town, and then moved to do his engineering to a city…with lot of dreams.. When he came out of the college, He wanted to start his own manufacturing plant , a big manufacturing plant..then someone said you need to gain some experience, after lot of struggle he got a job with a minimum salary, then an year went by, by that time he  learnt to survive in the job, he postponed his ambition of setting up a big manufacturing plant for some more years, after 5 years he got another job with decent salary, and he got into the job he survived, and changed jobs, postponed his dream,  changed jobs, survived, changed jobs survived… now he is 50 years old….

the story may sound very familiar, the key point is he never got to know what made him to postpone his dream in spite of gaining whatever he required to  setup his manufacturing plant…

Immediately many may tend to give solutions to that person….and fail to look at ourselves, the sad part is we never discover our blind spots… and never give opportunity for our dreams to get fulfilled…

Here is an opportunity to live your life powerfully…and the life what you want…


People who accomplish…!

For truth and duty it is ever the fitting time; who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking, will never accomplish anything

— Martin Luther king — “thought of the day from Forbes”

Interesting article on rich people !

Just I was curious to find, are most of the rich people are inherited ?

Like many…I am curious and wondering why few people become so rich..?

one of the below articles regarding american rich people ….

80% of the american are 1st generation …!



Old methods are more relevant to modern technology !


Spiritual practices,

Meditation, Personalized education …(Montessori)


Less is more !

and…love to technology..! and human !


Great people are discoveres

In one of my conversations with a person whom I met, I realized, great people “help us to reveal our strength”, it works like a magic, they simply understand our needs and help us to find inner strength.

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