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Expressing or Resisting self expression..!!

The greatest gift for a human being is “self expression” on what we like and what we want to do…!!

The greatest pain of any human being is “not expressing” on what we like and what we want to do …!!

Where is our life…? To which side of the balance our life goes “expressing or resisting expressing”…. Even when we know that we can express ….but we don’t express because of “lack of courage or living others life of imitation” and choose to be in pain… in-spite of knowing expressing is joy and healthy !!…that is perfectly humane in nature !!



Prisoners of ourselves ?!

I had a dream to do something what I wanted !

I had a dream to do big things !

I had a dream to contribute for a larger section of society !

I had a dream to create my own exciting life !

…………. looking back, i am a prisoner of my own comparative life…!!  get indulged in admiration ! wanted something very fancy …. hope I will dust it off all the comparisons and fancy stuff to breathe something very fresh !!

Conversations that produce results (1) !!

It is a bit of research on Conversations, digging into researches done by F.Flores who formulated “Conversations for Actions”, eliciting the  model of conversation, which will help us to be aware of the basic elements of “conversations” which produce results…and all other conversations considered to be NOT spoken. These models are widely adapted in performance coaching and as well as designing of workflow systems in computers. I will bring out few blogs on this which will be helpful to empower our lives…

In this article …let us look at the basic model of “Conversations for Actions” ..

for those who are interested to explore more..follow the link for basic information…or let us meet in the next blog



What makes a human being ?

Came across a zen Koan .. if the four elements forming the body separate … who will you be and where will you go ? 

Looking into the above…. I am formless and I have form … with boundaries I am boundary less . in every aspect I have both sides … 

this is where the creation happens .. when I am present to the both sides .. here lies the freedom of creation ..and i am limitless 

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