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what billionaire’s talk?

Tony Robbins (One of the top executive coaches in the world), Peter Diamindis (Founder of X- Prize foundation – solving humanities grand challenges), Jay Abraham(One of top marketing coaches/marketer in the world) – what these billionaire’s talk about thier jounery …i was listening to these people audios , 3 points what I was able to get from their conversations

  1. Impossible is only an opinion not the fact
  2. Contributing to the society massively
  3. Not constrained by their past which potentially limits them

regarding point 1 & 3 – how it is possible ? it is easier said than accomplished, they have learnt the art of breaking the barriers within them and not the barriers in the outside world…while they reach a great level, they ensure they are able to spend quality time with the family…

what i am happy about the above… though i am not a guy with their level of reach, i am in the journey of all the above areas …!



People who accomplish…!

For truth and duty it is ever the fitting time; who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking, will never accomplish anything

— Martin Luther king — “thought of the day from Forbes”

Conflict between Leader and Manager….within ourselves

the success is in¬†resolving the conflict within ourselves on whether to demonstrate the Leader within or demonstrate manager within….

the successful people…know…it is in resolving towards Leadership (Act of influence than act of power)….most of the times!



Leadership challenge….mystery of awareness..to a greater success

How we can do better, if the person is not even aware there is a better world than the present conditions, (while I blog it is also striking, the blind spots I have), this blog is based on one of the conversations with college students. On one side amazing technological advancements, economic growth and abundance, and on the other side ignorant people and unawareness,

Is the scarcity is because of lack of opportunities or lack of awareness, how to do we create awareness to create opportunities or how do we create opportunities for the existing potential…….

Nevertheless, I have a dream to create awareness…you may also have…and this leadership challenge takes a monstrous shape, as things are becoming unstructured and rapid abundant growth on one side…

“Leadership” missing in titles..!!!

There are not many titles with “Leader” ¬†?!…!!!!

Is it because every one can be leader…!?

Is it because leadership overcomes challenges & difficulties…!?

Is it because leadership stands behind the people and with the people in challenges and success ?!

Is it because many are obsessed with existing titles of President and Officers…!?

Is it because we are confined within an environment..?

Is it because it is difficult to lead by example ?!


Is it because we have failed to consciously lead and inspire “leadership” in our work/personal environment ?!


Looking forward for the nascent “Leader” to grow and mature…!!…in….every walk of our life !!


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