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The most significant moments

Thank you, praise, forgive


Reminding 2014 goals by ….listening to your own voice

Many of us might have made some 2014 resolutions, we might have started following and some yet to be started. One of the suggestions I received from my friend and a Coach, is to “record your vision and goals” by your own voice and listen to it while traveling by car or any mode from any of your mobile devices.., so that it gets into your subconscious mind, which is t more powerful in driving us..!

By doing this, I think we become a guru to ourselves..!

I will impact more positively in 2014..Happy New year

Looking back with gratitude, I need to acknowledge that

  • I have become stronger to face challenges,
  • I have gained more knowledge to strategize,
  • I have been able to be an inspiration to someone,
  • I have been able to be of some help to someone…
  • I have been impacting positively to the known and unknown…
  • …..I have become more courageous to take challenges and risks

All of the above is because of the challenges, opportunities, inspirations, and help, blessings which I have received in the last year and of course some of you were part of my journey…

With one more year ahead, I will endeavor my level best to impact more positively in 2014 with your support.

May you be blessed abundantly in the year 2014. Happy New year.

Which is more important? Leading from heart or qualification?

It depends…
It depends on what we are talking about…I am hearing people saying this!

But wherever we are…whatever we do..
the place where we are…Is it not the reflection of our own thoughts? does not our desire change the environment..? When we influence the change…do we think about our qualification (any kind of qualification)…? or is force within us drives the change..?

I am sure the qualifications add value., Our society is built on that…and our qualifications enhances our living standards…but more than that is it not that the powerful force within our heart is more stronger ? It seems, the force within our heart does not depend on anyone & anything..!

Then what prevents us to be influential in every stage and every time…!..Is it the fear of failure?!

At its best… Rolls Royce

The craftsmanship of Rolls Royce , the price, the quality, the differentiation, uniqueness…always teach us a lesson…

See these photographs…



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