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Exciting life

Happiness = participation in life

Participation in life = breaking our own shell

Breaking our own shell = dealing different things

Dealing different things = taking new challenges

Taking new challenges = have difference of opinion

Having difference of opinion = celebrating differences

Celebrating differences = innovations

Innovation = prosperity

Prosperity = world peace

YOU AND I ARE THE SOURCE OF THIS WORLD’s prosperity and peace !!


The majority of success

The majority of what you want comes from the minority of what you do

… this is from the book THE ONE THING by Gary Heller and Jay Papsan.., very interesting quote in the world where many talks about multitasking and trying to learn many things or making others to learn many things !!!

The most significant moments

Thank you, praise, forgive

Reminding 2014 goals by ….listening to your own voice

Many of us might have made some 2014 resolutions, we might have started following and some yet to be started. One of the suggestions I received from my friend and a Coach, is to “record your vision and goals” by your own voice and listen to it while traveling by car or any mode from any of your mobile devices.., so that it gets into your subconscious mind, which is t more powerful in driving us..!

By doing this, I think we become a guru to ourselves..!

I will impact more positively in 2014..Happy New year

Looking back with gratitude, I need to acknowledge that

  • I have become stronger to face challenges,
  • I have gained more knowledge to strategize,
  • I have been able to be an inspiration to someone,
  • I have been able to be of some help to someone…
  • I have been impacting positively to the known and unknown…
  • …..I have become more courageous to take challenges and risks

All of the above is because of the challenges, opportunities, inspirations, and help, blessings which I have received in the last year and of course some of you were part of my journey…

With one more year ahead, I will endeavor my level best to impact more positively in 2014 with your support.

May you be blessed abundantly in the year 2014. Happy New year.

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