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what billionaire’s talk?

Tony Robbins (One of the top executive coaches in the world), Peter Diamindis (Founder of X- Prize foundation – solving humanities grand challenges), Jay Abraham(One of top marketing coaches/marketer in the world) – what these billionaire’s talk about thier jounery …i was listening to these people audios , 3 points what I was able to get from their conversations

  1. Impossible is only an opinion not the fact
  2. Contributing to the society massively
  3. Not constrained by their past which potentially limits them

regarding point 1 & 3 – how it is possible ? it is easier said than accomplished, they have learnt the art of breaking the barriers within them and not the barriers in the outside world…while they reach a great level, they ensure they are able to spend quality time with the family…

what i am happy about the above… though i am not a guy with their level of reach, i am in the journey of all the above areas …!



The biggest unknown….

I want to do something big,

I want to really contribute something…

I want to perform at my best…




the unknown is in getting  “Clarity”….free from comparisons….


Obey 5 seconds rule…in preparing presentation!

In one of the forbes article, found an interesting rule for preparing presentation…

Show the slide to some one for 5 seconds, if that someone cannot understand in 5 seconds.. then slide is not conveying the meaning…

the following link is one of the best articles I have read…

For the full article…http://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2014/06/27/how-to-pitch-a-billionaire/

Shy to be in the limelight….!?

The fear is to project ourselves, ask the questions boldly in a forum and at times even shy take the credit for great effort…Some of us may outwardly show this fear, but some of us have this fear and still project ourselves…but what if we are doing great job and still be silent/invisible performers….and still be shy/fearful to project ourselves…!

In the world when people strive to get visibility…irrespective of whether they are capable or not?….What real leaders do? Do they exploit these silent performers? or do they really credit these silent performer..It is a great revelation what GREAT Leaders do..Jim Collins articulates in his research book  “Good to Great” what really great leaders do and how they are different?

Thanks to the  HBR blog, providing insights on Silent performers.. http://hbr.org/2014/05/managing-the-invisibles/ar/1?referral=00134






Beware in highway toll gates

While I was traveling to Trichy from chennai, I purchased one way toll pass, in 3 toll gates they gave me old pass, and I have to ask them to give the corrected toll pass, recently I got the date stamped as 2011 and some anonymous vehicle number, I think people make use of this opportunity, especially when the toll is crowded and when we are in hurry,

As a leader, at least we can be careful in getting the correct tickets..!

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