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What is a “speech Act” ?… a source of performance

What is a Speech Act?

A speech act is an utterance that serves a function in communication. We perform speech acts when we offer an apology, greeting, request, complaint, invitation, compliment, or refusal. A speech act might contain just one word, as in “Sorry!” to perform an apology, or several words or sentences: “I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. I just let it slip my mind.” Speech acts include real-life interactions and require not only knowledge of the language but also appropriate use of that language within a given culture…. http://carla.umn.edu/speechacts/definition.html

What is most interesting is the utterance  of words alone is not creating the meaning…the background [ CONTEXT ] gives the meaning !!..so I am looking from the performance point of view…how does this matter ?

Who has the context ?….the initiator or the receiver…both…

we might have come across people who uses excellent vocabulary..but their utterance does not make an impact…because the context of initiator and receiver are completely different !.. so what is most important to achieve the performance ?……managing the context in which people take action impacts to a large extent…

that is why language is not only words, it is combination of so many things which include culture, circumstance,  peoples need and so on..the combination of which is a context…and becomes one of the source of performance …!! in terms of relationship, work, health, entertainment…









fundamental Moods…!

Positive Moods  Vs Negative Moods

  • Ambition, Persistence  —– —– Resignation, Boredom
  • Serenity, Peacefulness, Joy ——  Despair
  • Acceptance ——————- Resentment, Anger
  • Trust, Prudence Acceptance —— Distrust, Sceptism
  • Wonder ———————- Confusion
  • Speculation, Resolution, Urgency — Panic, Worry, Anxiety
  • Confidence ——————— Arrogance

Just being aware of the moods we are in …is a great timing to reflect on us …!!

  • Resignation, Boredom, Despair

Where does “Creativity” exist ?

Where does “creativity” exists?it is a bit skewed question…!!

We think sometimes we are not creative, someone else is creative? So does creativity exists within us? Or any other human beings? It looks like so…But a closer look…reveals…opportunity for creativity exists in

“Differences….differences of thoughts, actions, views”

“Not achieving desired results”

“Unreachable goals, desires, materials, goods”


In reality do we encourage difference of thoughts, views, and actions; do we take a closer at the missing piece of the failures..?!  What do we like?!




Two steps to achieve great things…!

Setting great goals and managing fear !

Comment……Hearts desire for this world

Leave a comment to  say…We all can make a difference,

In this connected world, we all can reach so many people to say that how much we care for others,  how much we want to make this better place to live…

I believe sharing a positive comment is a powerful way to show how much we care…and inspire others to make a difference..

Let us make a difference by leaving a comment..on our hearts desire..

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