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Conflict between Leader and Manager….within ourselves

the success is in resolving the conflict within ourselves on whether to demonstrate the Leader within or demonstrate manager within….

the successful people…know…it is in resolving towards Leadership (Act of influence than act of power)….most of the times!




Shy to be in the limelight….!?

The fear is to project ourselves, ask the questions boldly in a forum and at times even shy take the credit for great effort…Some of us may outwardly show this fear, but some of us have this fear and still project ourselves…but what if we are doing great job and still be silent/invisible performers….and still be shy/fearful to project ourselves…!

In the world when people strive to get visibility…irrespective of whether they are capable or not?….What real leaders do? Do they exploit these silent performers? or do they really credit these silent performer..It is a great revelation what GREAT Leaders do..Jim Collins articulates in his research book  “Good to Great” what really great leaders do and how they are different?

Thanks to the  HBR blog, providing insights on Silent performers.. http://hbr.org/2014/05/managing-the-invisibles/ar/1?referral=00134






What is the size of your “Circle of People” ?!

When leaders grow, the key attributes of leaders growing ….

is my “circle of people” growing ?

is my “connectedness” with the people growing ?

Is my “empathy” growing?

is my “path of leaving legacy” growing…




“Leadership” missing in titles..!!!

There are not many titles with “Leader”  ?!…!!!!

Is it because every one can be leader…!?

Is it because leadership overcomes challenges & difficulties…!?

Is it because leadership stands behind the people and with the people in challenges and success ?!

Is it because many are obsessed with existing titles of President and Officers…!?

Is it because we are confined within an environment..?

Is it because it is difficult to lead by example ?!


Is it because we have failed to consciously lead and inspire “leadership” in our work/personal environment ?!


Looking forward for the nascent “Leader” to grow and mature…!!…in….every walk of our life !!


Will the concept of leadership prevail?

the world is becoming flat…by flattened Organisation structure,  by increased socialism, by aspirants of individualism…..will the current form of leadership prevail? Or how this will get transformed?

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