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Stop Excessive thinking !!

“80% to 90% of thinking we do is excessive thinking…!!” – Eckhart Tolle – in his talk “The power of Presence”…Human beings do excessive thinking either about past or future…but not be in the present….excessive thinking takes away us from being present when we talk, see, walk and so on….

Bringing more of being in doing.. …makes us being in the present…and that dramatically alters our performance !!!

People who accomplish…!

For truth and duty it is ever the fitting time; who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking, will never accomplish anything

— Martin Luther king — “thought of the day from Forbes”

Having an extra ordinary life ….!

How to have an extraordinary life?…In fact I was looking for a coach to have an extra ordinary life..!.. All along I was thinking that having an extra ordinary life means..”hard working”….simply “hard working” in  in office, personal, even having fun is hard working and in every aspect of life…and finally frustrated for not getting the desired results…..till I discovered ……”What made me to hardworking and why I liked certain hobbies like mountain climbing….”

When I discovered and released what made me hardworking…it is awesome and it just made more effective… and I discovered a new kind of freedom… and I am full of gratitude for the people supporting me in this journey…

Collapsible innovative coffee cup!

3 friends have taken a step to reduce the paper cups usage…!

which can be carried in pockets…!

highly social consciousness..!


The biggest unknown….

I want to do something big,

I want to really contribute something…

I want to perform at my best…




the unknown is in getting  “Clarity”….free from comparisons….


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