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Curriculum for an extra ordinary life

Recently I attended a 3.5 days intensive training program/workshop on “Curriculum for Living” to lead a powerful and an extra ordinary life, conducted by “Landmark forum” in Chennai. This 3.5 days is all about identifying our barriers and take a step forward to letting it go..! My experience is simply great..I am able to see that my past baggage has become lighter and fresh energy flowing and could see things with more clarity….and with Clarity I am able to choose things what I would like to do…!

the next phase of the program is about creating new possibilities…!

The most powerful method used in this program is sharing…! With my sharing hope I will be able to touch few lives for transformation…


Happy Diwali wishes …to you… the blessed & great…!

Looking at the people in facebook, linked In, twitter ….One thing comes to my mind…we all have something special, that is the reason we have been elevated to this level of enjoying the technologies & life we we are today. I am grateful to the people who made positive impacts in life, One such person beyond the circle of parents and friends, whose acquaintance inspired me to read great books and share my views in this platform is  NSG (N S Ganesh) and I believe these small acts may be of some inspiration for a person to look at life in a different way…

and more importantly what I think is…We are gifted & we are in a position to impact many people positively in this world…

If we can take ONE moment to think about making a positive impact on others, your act may create a sparkling light..and that may spread as a chain reaction, to create lights on many lives…for a better world….for others and ourselves…

WISHING YOU …………..ADVANCED DIWALI WISHES…for a sparkling life ahead..!

Right now, I am at my youngest in life

“In the life left………… in an hour, Tomorrow my mind & body will be older by one hour and in a month my mind and body will be one older by month. But when looking ahead, Right now, I am at my youngest. So I decided that there is nothing, but do my very best right now”, this is from the book ‘Zen Seeds written by Shundo Aoyama”..These profound words gives me great strength looking at my grey hair and energizes me to drive away my laziness and get prepared to learn something new, try to adventure, do something which I have not done before….!

Life of controls or freedom !

If there is a choice to choose between freedom and controls !

What will we choose ?…

May be we want to choose freedom and we want to do whatever we like..!


When we have the freedom to have freedom…

Do we really give the freedom to ourselves to enjoy the freedom? Or Do we create controls around us?!


The effect of working hard on attention…must to know…by Lucy Jo Palladino

In the book “Find your focus zone” Lucy Jo Palladino explains the effect of working hard…!

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